Sunday, December 18, 2011


Dragun of the Shogun Warriors starred in another of my coloring books, which probably came in a three-pack from Gold Key at a local drugstore. Dragun derives from another early Go Nagai cartoon, one I recall fondly from some hazy point in childhood. When I found this, memories of playing pretend with the tri-colored vehicles combining as super robots flooded back! It's yet another fresh, original concept we would see copied by more famous American cartoons---particularly cool for its formation of three different robots, dependent on the order of combination.

Three young pilots each flew a red, a blue, and a gold ship. Depending on the situation, they combined to become Air, Land, and Sea specialist robot giants.

I remember less of its plots even than Majinger/ TranZor Z, but the concept put me in touch with hours of play---a mental environment I hope will aid me in the busy writing and editing period here to Christmas.

Getter Robo G (ゲッターロボG Gettā Robo Jī?) is a super robot anime series created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa and produced by Toei Animation. This direct sequel to Getter Robo was broadcast on Fuji TV from May 15, 1975 to March 25, 1976, with a total of 39 episodes (some episodes were rebroadcast, erroneously giving the impression that there were 43 episodes).
People familiar with Mattel's popular Shogun Warriors toy collection will remember all three of Getter Robo G's robot formations in that toy line: Getter Dragon (Dragun), Getter Liger (Raider) and Getter Poseidon (Poseidon). As a result of the popularity of these toys in the US, Jim Terry included this series in his Force Five anime lineup under the title of Starvengers. Some Starvengers episodes were redubbed and released by FB Productions under the Robo Formers title. The original Getter Robo series, however, has yet to appear in the US (although the Shin Getter Robo OVAs have appeared). In the UK, Starvengers episodes were released on video by Krypton Force under the name Formators.

The Starvengers' Force Five mates included cartoons by influential SPACE CRUISER: YAMATO co-creator , responsible for CAPTAIN HARLOCK. He was involved with two of the five entries: the SPACEKETEERS and DANGUARD ACE: PLANETARY PROTECTOR. The slot filled by SPACEKETEERS was originally intended for GREAT MAZINGA.

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