Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some favorite Avengers moments, written by Jim Shooter

I had to give it up for some of my favorite Shooter moments:

1. Linnea mourns her husband while blasting flirtacious Iron Man (#212)
“A flying man in armor! Gorn would have marveled! But he is dead!”
“That does it! I have GOT to do all my flirting as Tony Stark…and keep my mind on fighting when I’m Iron Man!”

2. Ghost Rider grabs Thor’s returning mallet for surprise attack (#214)

3. Thor exits men’s room into a restaurant after transforming ("By Odin! The window's too small! I cannot get through!" "There was a god in the men's room!"(#215)

4. Don Blake punches Molecule Man! (#216)

5. Tigra talks Molecule Man into seeing a therapist (#216)

6. Yellowjacket fights the Avengers to save Trish Starr (plus the Wasp turns the tide) (#217)

7. Ann Nocenti thinks Steve Rogers has jumped out a window to his doom while waiting to have his portfolio seen (#219)

8. The naked Wasp wears a handkerchief to answer Moondragon’s summons (#219)

9. The Wasp puts on Don Blake’s jacket to grow to size and wallop Moondragon ("I don't know any martial arts; will this do?" (#220) Honorable mention: Cap commemorates Drax as they send his pyre into space.

10. Hawkeye puts an arrow in She Hulk’s pink Cadillac after she cuts off his cab--then he walks in late to discover she's his new teammate (#221)

11. She Hulk kisses Hawkeye instead of punching him for teasing her about the new outfit from the Wasp (She fights in her underwear later when the Wasp forbids her to tear up the same outfit in battle: "it's a design original!" (#222)

12. Thor and Iron Man talk about him dating Janet Pym ("Thou hast done no wrong in Thor's eyes.") (plus Tony's “I do NOT sing off key!”) (#224)

There were many, many good character moments. That’s what redeems a story, whatever its faults may be. In a really great plot, character moments are built organically; they may be surprising, yet logical in light of the depiction of the subject.

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