Friday, October 8, 2010

At last, something all new: Ode to Rom #1

Eternal space gives way to night upon a world I’ve never seen

Yet danger’s hot trails of radiant evil from the dark of distant galaxy

Pulls me from eternity to a nightside earthfall.

My pure Planadium armor gift again has brought me my enemy’s door

Which I seek where ne’er I walked before.

My heart sings not in vengeance as I flame into the sky below.

My will craves no adventure as my landing smashes the ground with a crystallizing blow.

I am here. Nothing can stop me.

My analyzer: created to detect the Dire Wraiths, whate’er shape they shift

My translator: created for communication’s drift

My neutralizer: created to banish the Dire Wraiths to a nether realm where their evil can harm none living.

Until my last outpost is secure, there is no humanity of Rom for giving.

The ingenious nature of that which has flown me by the heart of suns
Stands me stead in battle, turned the Death Wing from Galador by our spaceknight-given hands:

No limit has yet been found for my spirit. Nobody feels the wholeness that should be Rom, but while that man is yet greatest of spaceknights, no man can Rom completely be!

Now turn cyborg sensor eyes to detect the harnessed electricity; the age of the mountains tells the history of this world; cyborg weight adjusts to gravity, components of the environment begin analysis. What my sensors have saved from space has yet to unveil to me what in this world might interact directly with me---my path, tread two hundred years as both ship and man from the best civilization, sharing the spaceknight sacrifice so that others may live free of Dire Wraith dominance.

Upon this strip of of this world, brings a being first into my encounters. Be this Wraith or native, my analyzer will tell the truth...what is this loss in control? The connection between being and machine is an interface broken by ---the unbelievable sight of myself, it seems! No effort to save itself? I am pledged to protect all native forms of life.

Though I have damaged the vehicle somewhat, the being, unharmed, stands before me. I must discover by my crimson beam whether I see what first my eyes tell!

Ode to Rom One

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