Friday, October 22, 2010

of spaceknights

Haven't forgotten the origins of this blog: truth to tell, I've been either writing about the collector's item classics or working on my own original stuff, but haven't written any pastiches of both lately (just a few essays instead). Today I'm going to share some notes from over a week ago, as I began working on a Portal Immortal story with my own spaceknight who is not Rom, but possibly a creature from the land where babies communicate their pre-birth contact to their mothers on Earth. The next night, I revisited the Voidon invasion I'd planned to be part of P.I. and realized a meteor in the night is an awesome, grab-you-and pull-you close opening, and the reasons invented themselves, really.

Having fun...will need a bit of sleep...if can’t sleep, write some the space night world twist and the original Voidons thriller that takes up the main plot of Portal Immortal #4,5.
By THIS point, I start considering making this the kick-off story for the strip, as it then contains less of the fantastic elements from Mysti Hazel and so on; a pure science fiction story, with everyone at human levels of power. I pondered having the redstone meteor crash to earth, with all its sense of urgency imitating ROM #1, only with Sulinar Vix tracking it...and Neneh Stonegrave had popped up looking, so why not start her back at the Redstone, give her Brandy’s role. Really works, with S.V. = Anti-rom!

Great! My other drama with Sulinar Vix is actually a story begun here, seemingly long ago. I wrote the plot for the third act of "Calinferno!" but never posted a script, and it's been mixing in and out of my to-do list except during the weeks I only worked on our soon-t0-be released $2.99 comic, D'n'A.

Next: ROM #2~~~!!!

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