Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Galactus, the Spectre, and a big honkin' Dinosaur

First, I read a friend's idea. I started laying out the figures. Here are the pencils:

Next, I started using marker to get bold outlines. I experimented with a bit of white-out.

I had the perfect dagger teeth in ol' Devil Dinosaur there then screwed them up trying to "spot blacks" between them in the mouth. I came back with white out and the marker and gradually restored them best I could.

I replaced some of my "scratchy" lines for cross=hatching with darker, bolder lines, as my friend Marcus suggested. I spotted more blacks (the fills that provide figure density) and finished up. I'm still open to changes, though. The dinosaur is completely an homage to Jack Kirby!

Here I photographed with a bit of warm light on the Spectre. For him, I used no reference save myself, and for Galactus, I referred to Ron Lim's version for details, which is pretty faithful to Kirby.

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