Saturday, October 9, 2010

nova versus doctor sun

China, 1966. The Cultural Revolution. A scientist, as brilliant as any, is wheeled to an operation room. The doctor tells him “the general” feels he’s stalled too many tests, and will now make him test “Project: Mind!” The heart’s stopped; his brain is removed, to an anti-matter receptacle! The link with computers will give this brain greater knowledge than a man has ever known. But with it, comes power, including some bizarre blast that totals the surgeons!

Sun needs blood to survive...and no greater scavenger ever there was, than cunning, powerful Dracula. Sun chose another vampire to be the receptacle of Dracula’s mind, but Brand was destroyed, and the man-machine chose to work behind the scenes (including a part in the plot for the Chimera; this is all courtesy Tomb of Dracula #18-25, and then a reprise around 41-44---lyrical Lue). His assassin Juno engaged Dracula very physically; temporarily taking his accursed life---only to have the kidnapped vampire hunters under Van Helsing to bring him to life once more to foil Sun’s plans. They leave a brain on the floor of the burning headquarters.

But the grisly remains belong to decapitated Juno. Teleportation, after all, is a Doctor Sun is the capacity to plan long-term. Since interfering with the rocket, with Nova (and Nick Fury) strapped aboard, he’s lusted after the computer of Nova’s star-ship, and the source of his powers. His force beams do not stop Nova, but his force fields create a stalemate against a “Sunday best” smash! (Delivered with body language I find trouble re-creating in action, at a glance.) Now, rather than battle, Doctor Sun teleports the two of them to the Nova Prime Space Ship. Sun believes actual minds of Centurions before Nova reside aboard, preserved as brains---as such, he wishes to duplicate their storage that keeps the brains alive! With this he zaps the novice super hero, and places him on a table.

Doctor Sun’s beam begins its probe; he expects to uncover powers tapped by Nova’s predecessor, of which the neophyte hero has yet to dream. But that famed bucket-head holds knowledge that is the proclaimed province of this strip’s other mastermind villain---the true arch nemesis of Nova, a name Sun says is “whispered in legend!”

Yes, the only thing between Richard Rider and Sun’s evil schemes... is the Sphinx.

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