Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B and C list characters I'd give a shot creatively: the cartoon and TV list

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Star Blazers

Deputy Dawg the cartoon

G-Force (do they count?)

Dungeons and Dragons cartoon team

Thundarr the Barbarian

Mighty Mouse

Felix the Cat

The Fall Guy (TV)

The Starriors (the toys)

Richie Rich

For that matter, Power Man & Iron Fist/ Daughters of the Dragon would be such a great Saturday morning cartoon! Well, the Daughters adventures would need a little less crime, huh...
PM/IF would be terrific, my first thought, especially if they focused on a very young Danny Rand, maybe Luke pretty young, too, but Danny, I'd make a teen for sure.

Spectra Man (Japanese live action TV)

Here's a surprise, I'm sure. When's the last time you heard of THESE adventurers?

From Comics:

Black Widow (the hot SHIELD agent from IRON MAN 2, AVENGERS and comics)

Richard Rory (from Man-Thing and Omega the Unknown---the rock DJ)

Star Spangler (Bowie-esque degenerate rocker, killed in the Man-Thing story that introduced him)

the Fool Killer (I love his signature cards he leaves to potential victims, to repent the foolishness of their lives in their last 24 hours.)


  1. Shirt Tales! I love shirt tales i was born in 1980, Do you remember the get along gang?

  2. I do! My sister really liked them. I'll bet most people have forgotten all about the Shirt Tales, Julie!