Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cult classics

The first 25 songs in this list mostly reflect a lesser-known, but stunningly great, selection of album deep cuts from Blue Oyster Cult. "Flaming Telepaths", my favorite, leads off, followed by late career brilliance in "Here Comes That Feeling," and one of the best cuts from undervalued follow-up to Fire of Unknown Origin, 1983's Revolution By Night: "Dragon Lady."

"The Vigil" is a live cut from the first widely-panned B.O.C. album, Mirrors, a more pop-rock flavored offering from 1979. After that are mostly cuts from Spectres, the 1977 follow-up to their smash record Agents of Fortune, but first, Joe Bouchard's terrific song off Agents, "Morning Final."

"Subhuman" from their first live album On Your Feet Or On Your Knees, 1975, and the Jim Carroll co-penned favorite "Perfect Water" are among the first twenty songs listed here, and then, some of the band's more well-known (and, lately, well-played by us) songs including "Astronomy" and their two Top 40 hits. ---Lue Lyron

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