Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet E.L.O.

Well, here they are: the English blokes with the big fiddles. With 27 Top 40 hits across both sides of the Atlantic, some say E.L.O. picked up where the Beatles left off.

I started with the very first E.L.O. song ever made, then their last Top 20 hit in America, which is probably where i started hearing them. In the cue, I moved those songs behind a smattering of their best known hits and good deep cuts. Jeff Lynne took over the band from Roy Wood after three albums and wrote a lot of great music. But don't take my word for it. Plug in.

I'm going to add to the text here further, but this goes out to my friends, the, daughter Abbie's a fan, particularly of "Rockaria," so it's 1st on the list. For that matter, I found a Dr. Who video set to ELO's "Time After Time" so here it is second (and also, at the end of this post! E.L.O. were also Dave Powell's follow-up answer to, "is there anything I'm going to totally love like Blue Oyster Cult?" Full free to roll through these collected videos and also, to suggest whatever I might've missed on the first pass.

Get well soon, Brother Ray.

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