Friday, May 13, 2011

Fearsome Friday: it's the Blue Oyster Cult

I hear there's a Tardis at the beginning?

Celestial the Queen, by Joe Bouchard and Helen Wheels

Unknown Tongue


The Vigil

pAIN, steel, a plot of knives, the Transmaniacon, from the first album, Blue Oyster Cult (*I find this video irritating, for repeating the images, but I always have some other screen up while these play unless I can see Buck playing!)

ME-262, the story of an altered human being, reincarnated again and again as an evil doer, to test mankind...

Finally, the creepiness ends with the words of Wings Wetted Down, which will be an inspiration when I write my next most fearsome story...but my own life has taught me things of late that help me understand fear in myself and perhaps as it is for others.

But wait! Here's tattoo vampire...that's right, I do have a ghoulish blood drinker on the loose, however vile the premise of the story sort of IS to me...

These days, would it be...."Now Snooki has risen from the grave?" Oprah? I don't know, who's got the Mommie Dearest action going on in celebrity land? I wasn't around for that phenomenon...I was being a little kid in little kid world...but here's a catchy if competely tongue in cheek offering from the band of creeps and savaged heroes everywhere.

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