Monday, May 2, 2011

Intelligent Designs: Superman Quits America and I Quit Superman

Integr8d Fictions is often a collaborative process, or is highlighted by collaboration or direct inspiration. This is a little different. I'm bringing you a guest blog, because he so thoughtfully considers a few things you'd have to ask if you were still reading new comic books. (I have about zero so far from the year 2011, but hey, I am working on my own, that's something to me.) So here is Keith Howell's take on Superman's latest dilemma, which makes him none too happy: how can Superman renounce his U.S. citizenship---and why would anyone make that story as anything other than a "What if...?" lue

Intelligent Designs: Superman Quits America and I Quit Superman: "I've been wondering for awhile what would be my breaking point. Superman renouncing his American citizenship is it. I didn't know until ..."

The Tuscaloosa Charity Auctions on EBay are almost set to begin. Anyone who'd like to take part in donating auction items, contact me on Facebook.

Listen, I'm still figuring out, but meanwhile, you can do what Jason (and Aimee!) have done. In Jason's case, he sent us $9 at

C. Lue Disharoon
542 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

which was really cool as it covers shipping and handling, at $1.25 each! The issue itself, DNA #1, retails for $3.25.

Meanwhile, our remaining t-shirts are available at Convention Special Price, for $12 each or 2 for $20, plus $5.00 for shipping & handling.

You can do the same over PayPal, at !!!

AND!! You can use the button provided; the $15 will cover your postage.

D'n'A t-shirt #1


D'n'A t-shirt Puzzle pieces (girl and boy)

Listen! We got our first e-mail sale today, from the friend who got me to start this blog two years ago: T J ya, man!!! DNA #1 011-1A is on the way. It's the 11th of the original 50 copy printing from Angel Printing.

Inhale shop, a few blocks over in East Village, has two copies on consignment.

Not only is DNA #2 in the works, but the Hellcast t-shirt (as well as Puzzle Girl) will be available, in black (AND in XL, L, M & S) is here!
Excuse me one last joke:

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