Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gene Colan and the Black Widow

Over on IMWAN, my friend Marcus Kelligrew put up some comparisons between the art styles of various embellishers, working over the pencils of comics great Gene Colan. Fans of this column may know him from Howard the Duck, and arguably his career pinnacle was his work on Tomb of Dracula, but Gene drew for both Marvel and DC. His earliest work I've seen was on Iron Man; he also had a fondly - remembered run on Daredevil for several years at the same time, the mid-to-late '60s.

These pages were inked by the creator of the Submariner, Bill Everett. I've never read these issues of Amazing Adventures but the art on Black Widow alone suggests it was lovely and graceful and gritty at once.

I particularly like her face.

Love Bites...and so does MIRACALLA!!! Coming from Integr8d Soul Comics, copyright 2011.

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