Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Write my favorite b and c list characters part one: robots and comic book heroes

I think Sif the Goddess of War is an idea I should develop on my own. How can you not, after seeing Marvel's great version in THOR? The Norse gods are public domain, thankfully. Why should Thor have all the fun? I'd write Sif gladly! She was Harvest goddess. I think, Marvel aside, I will consider the character I called Valkyrie Maiden and remove the valkyrie trappings, which require the story to always be tied to death and crossing over, and consider, "what if Frieda Dylan Reeves becomes (is an incarnation of) Sif?" What would her mythological hubbie Thor think about this life, these transformations? Is Sunstrike an incarnation of Thor/ Horus, then? Is that why the powers worked for him, why he got recruited to be Sunstrike by the Luxitican people! SEe, that's stuff from my own Portal Immortal. Those characters still aren't on any list but my own! But behind the scenes, they keep getting new pieces, making more sense...

It takes time, though. So, let's dive into some ideas inspired by B and C list characters, particularly robots and super heroes, ones pretty well unknown by the general public, maybe even forgotten for years by myself, actually.

I would like to write something for Dragun, Raydeen, and Great Mazinga (basis for Tranzor Z?, Mazinger?), all three of whom starred in childhood coloring books of mine, during the brief Shogun Warriors days of 1979 before they started, idk, putting kid's eyes out (that's the year before I think).

I was picturing this story where Transformers Hound and Blue Streak are teamed up for recon---funny enough. They are looking for
Brawn, Gears, Huffer, and squad leader Ironhide, who were acquiring minerals (I wonder where...) when they vanished. They discover the Insecticons, who were behind an ill-fated effort with the Constructicons, but now those two Decepticon groups are embattled. What was the master plan, and where are the Autobots?

I'm going to get into cartoon-based properties more next time, but it's about time for someone to try Starblazers again!

I had this idea for a new Defenders book, too:

I want to try a seventeen issue run of Defenders, centering around Sif, Deathlok, Hellcat and Nighthawk, led by a man they must learn to trust: Simon Payne, Devil-Slayer. I'd get crack-a-lackin' with a solid five part storyline centering around Devil-Slayer's mysterious mission that resolves smaller stories in each issue's foreground.

Clea intervenes as their sorcery aid, but is ensconced in a long-term complication in her dimension for much of the first year. I would give them, for a six issue run, my resurrection of Gerber's Red Guardian II in the form of an Arab Spring-inspired Green Guardian (after the Green Revolution), before she must return there. Maybe With them.

I would like a three issue run with Howard the Duck as their leader

They should meet the Man Thing,




the 3-D Man,


Diamondback, Black Panther, Captain America (versus the Serpent Society),
War Machine, U.S. Agent,
Moon Dragon, and Dragon Man over time.

I'd try Yellow Jacket, Nova, Dust, Hercules and Nick Fury among their temporary non-membership for an issue or two each!

for foes
I'd give them 1) an original demon, Azuthar Invader of the 8th Dimension
2)an alien cult,
3)Arnim Zola,
6)Mojo and Spiral,

7)an apocalypse time-travel story,
8)dinosaur men magicians, possibly involving, again, Mojo and Spiral,
9) story, one set in the Middle East and
10)one set in Rutland, Vermont, no doubt. (which villain? Hela, Norse Goddess of Death)

11) Maybe even revisit the Cat People Realm,from Morbius' Adventures into Fear

12)and bring back Vera Gemini. In the first arc and again!

13)Finally, the Headmen would get their revenge during a war with the Serpent Society, and

14) I'd think up the most offbeat Wrecking Crew story ever.

15)Could all this happen without an A-list star? How about...a brand new Avengers/ Defenders War? Yes, the first two series cross-over, in 1973, would be the last great ingredient to add...I wonder what Avengers we'd use?

I'm sure other cool ideas, like a new Nebulon, perhaps, would come.

But these fifteen, even overlapping, would fill out a very nice body of comic book issues. Well, that's daydreams for you! Would love to see some of this as drawings...
_________________Wait until you see my column next time: the Saturday Morning Cartoons!

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