Friday, September 3, 2010

Go,Go, Go, Machine Man!


X-51's strange life continues as we see for ourselves his symbolic fear.

Meanwhile, Doctor Spalding, who had met X-51 hitchhiking in #1, orders sedation of a patient, who cries out repeatedly in technical language, despite his apparent eight-grade education. Dr. Spalding deduces his delusion involves a space-ship falling into a sun.
As Cragg and his men move in, MM bursts out of the gas station (thank you Kirby Museum---I always felt he over-paid for the tires and never considered his down payment on collateral damage). He moves like a hot rod on his new wheels (three tires attached to him with rods), which afford him an escape worthy of Evel Kneivel. Asking some cyclists for directions, since he shocks one of them into wiping out, is a bust, but he's within half a mile of Central City before you know it.

He then goes to see the doctor, surprising him with a laser light for his pipe. Harried, Machine Man bluntly asks to stay a few days with the psychiatrist, who agrees to help him. Just then MM notices an interstellar transmission, which is the same thing the patient had been receiving, and translates it into a visual representation of a ship in distress. They begin to plan a rescue, which will lead to the battle with Ten-For.

This is the week of Jack Kirby's 93rd Birthday. And my Dad's 62nd!

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story, Frank Giacoia inks the cover and Jack Kirby writes a text page about potential machine rights. Man---if only he'd been writing these back in the 1960's! So very cool.

I do not own the rights to Machine Man; Marvel Comics does! But they should be thrilled I'm still stoked about this character, especially with his new Marvel Zombies 5 story comin' out!

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