Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nova the Human Rocket Sheena is a Punk Rocker
“Death is the Yellow Claw!”

Wolfman/ Infantino / Palmer / Rosen / Vartanoff

Richard’s sweating the essay portion of a Spanish test, and as we see, letting his worries isolate and distract him helps him not a whit. Ginger’s really had it with this trend; rather than enable it, when she runs into him in the hall, she asks why he’s avoiding their friends---what’s happened to the easy going guy “I once cherished”? Deciding to nix talking about Nova problems, and his dad’s guarded troubles, Rich’s attempt to slough it off, but she makes a point of HIS reticence.

Ginger Jaye switches from firm confrontation to asking him to share, open up, as she reads his eyes. He keeps the burden of his splitting family, as well as his life as a lone and secret star, to himself. “If we’ve ever meant anything you can tell me what’s wrong” she says, but he runs out, nearly kayo’ing Caps as he rushes off to be alone, leaving two worried friends. Ginger feels the gentle-guy she knew and felt sorry for has been replaced by someone she doesn’t like. She doesn’t belong to anyone, though; when this guy Mack we’ve never seen invites her to “go off someplace” she realizes, “why not?” Caps sees his best friend’s “just lost the greatest gal---ever!” (Now that could’ve been “great gal for Rich” but if she wasn’t over the moon for his best friend, how does Caps feel about her? Doesn’t matter to him...especially with Rich so troubled.

Richard realizes Ginger’s totally right about all she said. But a few minutes later, he walks in the door to brother Robbie’s bombshell: Dad’s been arrested---committing some type of robbery! His experience with Mike B., who he doesn’t even like, has taught him there may be more than meets the eye. Robbie’s certain there’s some sort of foul-up. “Huh? You’re Right, Bobby, Dad’s so straight-laced he couldn’t rob his own piggy bank!” They hope the call is Mom...”not unless yer mom smokes stogies, kid. It’s Fury!” What a time for a crisis in both lives. He’s got to rush out mysteriously and leave Robbie with Dad in jail. By the time Robbie makes it up stairs, he slams open the door, to Rich’s clothes on the bed
Fury’s independent agent catches up to his copter to find “he’s struck!” Nova hopes aloud this is a real alarm---“you’ve just turned my whole family against me.” “Then this’ll make yer day, kid. It’s the whole enchilada!”

200 fathoms ---1200 feet---beneath the coast of New York, the most fantastical undersea headquarters of all, “Von Horstenbaden” asks to be called Fritz Von Voltzman, as he has many enemies “from the fatherland” made in his old life, as he discusses the end of the threat of war forever. With our hidden mastermind he watches Fury’s copter, as the sky squids are launched to dispatch Fury. “Indeed,” he says, “my neutron absorber will guarantee this world remains safe from all radiation.” Now the war fleet, of rocket-pack born soldiers and mechanical leviathans, converges on the chopper.

Nova and Fury wade into them mid-air in a Steranko-approved manner. Punching and grappling with an air infantryman, Fury loses his grip on the flying belt, and they both detach from the jet-pack. Fury takes Nova’s catch in stride, as he expects the other man to be rescued as well. Fury finds the pack into which Nova eases him (hi Frank) respectable enough “to get me to Hoboken and back” and the two flying roustabouts slam into the flying armored troops.

Robbie arrives to support Mom and Dad. Charles takes Rich’s unexplained absence to imply his judgment for the guilt he already feels.

Fury tells Nova to “spin it ninety degrees! Them buggers are takin’ pot shots at the Roosevelt Island Tramway!” The Human Rocket initiates a mid-air rescue over mid-town Manhattan, taking people two at a time from the heated tram car. He flies to ground with the last girl when the tram explodes!

He tosses the girl to safety, as the shock wave slams him into the chilling East River. Nova’s helmet supplies oxygen immediately. Now he shows the months of training, bashing his airborne foes side-by-side with NicK Fury himself.

But now, thanks to an activated image inducer: the big reveal. A hundred-foot tall hologram of the Yellow Claw appears to declare himself master of men. One of the air Squids fires a beam that fells both heroes, “victims of my cerebral de-programmer. Agents! Grab them!” The Sky Squids dive with the helpless super heroes past a seeming oil derrick spotting the surface of the continental shelf. (It’s true, M.M.S. is signing off on these regulations without any investigations whatsoever!)

In the lair of the Yellow Claw, he declares Fury must die for the many times their paths have crossed, and Nova, “though a mere child in the cosmic stream of time” as well.

(I believe he’s one of those longevity-formula villains, himself---a resource later revealed as Fury’s secret as well...back when it mattered!) His absolute dominance in the peaceful new dynasty requires, first, the destruction of an U.S. eye-spy satellite positioned above his base. He is pleased Fury’s awakened “in time to witness your own death.” They are encased in plexiglass shield so that they may survive the escape velocity of the neuton warhead to which they are attached. Thus begins the Yellow Claw’s thousand year reign!

In NYC, a robotic hand begins altering the computer program of the warhead, as it bears down on “the very satellite I’ve planned for months to control!” So the undersea villains watch it alter course...activate...and head towards Washington, D.C.! Suspiria (horror movie theme

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