Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nova and the Yellow Claw Suspiria (horror movie theme)
“Tidal wAve” Wolfman/ Infantino/ Palmer / Rosen / Vartanoff
Nick Fury and Nova: bound inside plexiglass bubbles, helpless aboard the neutron missile directed at Washington, D.C. Do any of Nova’s powers help now? He a matter of fact, he rides on electrons across the air. Can he point himself to a path of electrons pointing away from dry land...but the pain! So great, he wants to surrender...but force the rocket away, he must---and his second “honest-to=the super=hero-union-guidebook idea” of the day works!
With Yellow Claw’s pressure dome to protect Fury, Nova has time to snap his titanium straps. A few minutes later they rise from the water, to see the missile explosion wake.
Late! Richard’s changed, beating the bell to class, only to run straight into Caps. Suddenly all the tension between Ginger, Caps and Rich ---his surly reply, their questions, the lack of respect---ends their friendship. (Rich looks exactly like Sean Penn in this panel.) But his goodbye just leaves the two more curious than ever what has come over Richard Rider!
Now he arrives to see his father in jail, and the family proves just as volatile, with Mom slapping Richard, who offers to move out. Storming out, Richard begins to realize how hot-headed he has become of late, as though yearning for the release in his power constantly. Fury approaches the morose teen on a pier, and tells him this will pass---get with the program. He takes awestruck Rich into an inner sanctum of SHIELD, where a huge Kirby-inspired unit, the fabled E.S.P. Control Chamber, stands for the experts to explore the enigmatic human mind. Fury places Nova in a soft foam cushion, and before he can ask, the ESPer unit draws thoughts to his mind, so quickly as to cause him pain and disorientation. They begin again at low power.
Now Yellow Claw wishes to declare his plan before his captive: this evening he unleashes a massive tidal wave, cresting three thousand feet tall. He wants to show the country he cannot be stopped, and from there continue his quest of peace on earth, without wars, crime or aggression---at his bidding. Then he hypnotizes the struggling Sam Burley, to use his NASA engineering skills to complete the machine.
In Chinatown, trenchcoated Nova and Fury enter a shop and exchange code phrases with the smoking shop keep. A wall opens to a stairwell, and a tiny submersible craft below shoots them to the Claw headquarters, where they are greeted as agents seven and three. Those agents have been mind-probed---and those schematics now exist in the memories of Nick Fury and Nova the Human Rocket, quickly rescuing their first targets. A sliding door slams shut in an effort to drown them, but Nova has the muscle. Fury promises to hustle the captives to safety and return with the SHIELD assault squad, as Nova bursts in on Claw. But the tidal wave’s already activated! Now begins a battle with the Yellow Claw, aboard his throne, which converts to a fire-breathing dragon as he gloats over the logic of blackmailing the world’s governments. Forget him---Nova, stop the tidal wave!!!
But how? Smashing into it with his shields in place does nothing. But SHIELD’s now in place, as Fury brings out “the Gaff’s” killer wave smasher. This invention, created for tropical hurricanes, depends on something called “hydronic rays”---and Nick doesn’t think it has a chance. He sends Nova speeding back to Claw.
Claw, though, rams straight for Nova beneath the water. The “dragon” seems to change shape; now Claw’s face appears, and Nova feels his strange psi powers attack his mind. Dragons seem to flow towards the star, breathing fire in which Nova refuses to believe. Now he sees: they’re divers, firing stun guns! Stung through his super-skin, he plows into them, only to discover his oxygen supply’s done! Claw refuses to fall back to contingency plans; the wave, battled by sky-borne laser firing SHIELD air cars, looms above all of New York.
Nova bravely bursts in on the master menace, ready to face him toe-to-toe. Yellow Claw feigns interest in a truce...and beckons him to talk...his laser gun sparking brightly behind his back.

The Ultimate Super hero!

“The Final Showdown!” Wolfman/ Infantino/ Tribe / Rosen / Vartanoff
Cascading giant tidal wave...treacherous super villain...on both fronts, doom looms before the heroes.
Mind blast! First the Claw and Voltzmann bash him as he sees attacking monsters, and with a whirlpool of illusion noble Nova plummets through the lens of his own mind.
Nova undergoes the closest trap of all: his own thoughts. Rejection and disappointment from all his family and friends, and bleakness, utter darkness save for those miseries within.
Wait! What is his secret? The Yellow Claw demands to know: how does he break this spell thus? Nova obliges, with a crack to the jaw and the simple explanation: he showed Nova what he might become, the fears suppressed in his increasing loneliness.

This snapped him free to his own true self, and for that, he thanks him. The Lone and Shining Star turns confidently and decks the “sneaky side kick”, tough guy line and all. Broken, Fritz Von Voltzmann panics to escape---and too late remembers they ride a dragon air ship that FLIES. Now the Claw and Nova remain one on one, as though by Claw’s design: frozen, awaiting each the next’s move, the youth and the centuries old mastermind.

The massive wave begins to break on the Gaff’s devices, and evacuation orders were given at first formation. The wave’s destructive power remains, and washes Fury free of his perch on the air cars.

Another mind-graying assault begins, but Nova’s discovered everything he must live to right, and in this finds the power to fight. Victory and sense of self come with battle-ending blow.

Nick Fury executes a dive into the harbor to save his own hash, and sees the wave become a spout, to great appeal.

No. Nova believes he can win, but with success in mind he still must pummel the Yellow Claw. His last ditch attack leads Nova to believe he is himself burning with flames, causing him to smash his way out of the ship and into the drink. Tricked, Nova rockets back to the ocean surface, to watch: he’s burst out through the control panel, and now the ship shimmers and blows to bits with a force that rocks him below.
Nova surveys the area, wishing to be pleased with his victory over the Claw’s plans, but certain the man has died, which he finds stirring. There’s no sign of Voltzmann either. The wave eliminated, Fury’s arrived on the spot, with more banter and a ride home.

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