Friday, September 10, 2010

My alternative take on the lost cybernetic hero

Another cool trick might have been: if Ten –For had been beaming plans for machine men down to Earth scientists...then, he uses x-51 to create his dimensional transfer, unaware, perhaps, of the human personality engraved by Abel Stack. He expects to take over the Machine Men when he arrives on Earth. His waiting Autocrons, made unwittingly by the Earthlings, then go berserk, due to the insanity of the human to which he is linked at this point, broadcasting their instructions.

Doctor Spalding’s patient Aaron Stack volunteers to help out at the sanitarium to foot his session bills, and seems keen on analyzing the neuroses observed therein. Aaron reveals his secret when the military clashes with the recently-arrived rover, Ten-For.

Now Machine Man must face the remaining x-models that serve Ten-For, while the Autocron fleet approaches. Perhaps another nearly makes the choice to be “human” and perhaps another is analogous to a female in its demeanor? His relationship with the home made Autocronies and Ten-For could play out over three acts.

Just hit me. We never know what we’d lose if the story were interpreted any differently, though if Jack was figuring out his last days at Marvel loomed near, he chose a terrific multi-part arc (a perfect limited series) instead of keeping the Autocron invasion around for a larger epic.

But I dearly love every crazy panel of these original issues! You see the response when Ditko comes aboard is to go from “reluctant savior” to “super hero with secret identity. This would open the door to creating villains, desperately needed after the perfect arch foe’s...ah, but that would be, perhaps, a spoiler!

Boldly, the team decides to go for originals, whereas formula might’ve dictated more guest stars and recurrent villains, to mix MM in more with the tight continuity of Marvel. But that never could’ve been the Kirby ways. Say what you will about the man, but he didn’t fall back on characters he’d already explored in an effort to re-create his glory days. The glory’s in a surrender, of sorts, to the unexpected inspiration around the corner of a hallway you never intended.

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