Friday, April 8, 2011

De la Cruise: Howard and Bev's permanent vacation

You know what? Howard and Bev and Winda and Paul come out just fine, after all. I'm glad. They are easy to care about.

So the grateful caliph, after a scenario you will believe when donkeys fly you should see for yourself courtesy Val Mayerick in Howard's Annual, the one and only one from 1977. You are welcome to buy mine for a dollar, plus shipping/ handling.

Where was I?

Grateful caliph---right! Cruise across the Mediterranean. Nice! Howard promises to ease up on heavy thinking. Remember that ritzy vacation Bev daydreamed in #5, back where this blog's collection began? Well, she got it. Good for her. Should be nice for all four of these kids to enjoy a nice vacation. They will be headed back to a crowded apartment again, soon enough...or will they?

Oh boy.

The sea serpent is huge in comparison to the cruiseliner.
Bev wonders if it can be charmed. "I used to play a recorder!" I love that.
Howard finds the pleasure button. That is, after already being pitched over the rails earlier! Oh yah! Winda, god bless her soul, has delivered a deck hockey puck to the back of the duck, and suddenly we find out about a day he always dreaded, as we find he can't swim!!!

So, there's that. And the Sea Serpent appears. Saying "neeeez" loudly and scaring the Bee Gees out of everyone. Did I mention the lame bar mitzvah style version of KISS playing "Rock and Roll All Night?" Hey, it's 1977 in a comic book, but it's timeless.

None of this, however, prepares you for the deadly boulders from on high, and the savage island of animals mutated into men with "neez" awaiting the banks of quicksand. And Bev's first words to the creep Doctor Bong are laugh out loud funny!

All from the annual, and Howard the Duck #15. I recommend picking up the Essentials in black and white if you want the whole series pretty cheap!

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