Saturday, April 2, 2011

Uprisings (cont.)

I drew upon memories of the American Revolution for my template in creating these new characters. Apparently, I should go back to the revolutionary fervor of Iran, 2009, to grasp the modern-to-the-minute aspects of such movements.

Perhaps I am looking for that revolution in the revolutions of others. Perhaps I too feel the need for everyone to be free, but wonder deeply what the mouthing of such slogans means, and what individual thoughts and practical solutions would go into greater freedom.

It seems certain that the elimination of apathy, the bond of involvement, is the only way a people might restore their minds with intellect. I mean, people have to educate themselves or they must follow something or someone blindly. The moral fiber of individuals, the principles, are a necessary part, too, in decision making.

So I believe, over time, Sheer-Zan stories will be populated by dozens of different people, with hundreds of background players yet to inform that world. What I want to do here, what I set out to do this week, was write a successful template for incorporating those concerns in a sensible story that might ring true. There will be inexcusable behavior as well as quiet nobility and many shades of humanity, even in a brief depiction. It is easy to create cardboard-thin characters to act out the sides, yet it is not easy to do that because it seems juvenile, like it would depend on a lot of assumptions and adjectives provided by a narrator. I want to relate credible actions and give you a picture of some things in the real world, even as I open my eyes to them. We'll see. Frankly, I've had to update some of my Middle East picture. I imagine people in America generally don't talk about any of those countries by name in day to day life, though others are here as immigrants from those nations, and are deeply concerned for family still there.

I've been reading. here's an example of the articles I've gathered. I still feel like I'm backtracking into the quiet before the storm; it is amidst that coming storm-type tension that I wish to set this Sheer-Zan: One. (this was the most comprehensive account I've read)

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