Friday, April 29, 2011

Happily Ever After All

DNA comics #2 is coming along fine! Layouts are in the works; chosen scenes have been discussed; it's a small movie, in a way.

Let me tell you, we have heavy hearts for the city of Tuscaloosa, terribly damaged, almost beyond recognition. The very first Apartment of Ideas is most likely rubble. Probably all three places I ever lived are gone. Marc and I are taking it in, but focusing on doing something, and maybe you can help.

We'll host an EBay auction to raise money for Red Cross very shortly. We're going to give 70% of the auction proceeds to Tuscaloosa's Red Cross.

I think we're going to auction some drawings, too, still deciding what those would be. I know they'll be with me when I write, about Japan as previously planned, and something newly made, what, I don't yet know.

There's some cool music, but it's not been recorded "The Right Way" just yet. We just keep re-working bits and pieces of songs we really thought might be ready! Lots of new musical ideas to integrate. But, no way to share even the workshop versions on Real Player (could it be I'm not on the right blog host?).

So, silly as it is, I'm watching the carriage pull away with the newly married Royal Couple and deciding to enjoy the little touches. I talked for two hours with just one friend last night, brought together by the devastation. I'm going to keep my spirits up and do this thing. I know it's so tight right now it hurts, but if you or someone you know would like to participate, meet me back here for details, or on Integr8d Soul's Fan Page on Facebook.

Be chill, Cease ill

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