Sunday, April 3, 2011

An outline of Sheer-Zan: One

four people discuss local problems. With the late hour, they worry for a young one of their own.

This one is worried about both local criminals and, we find, the police. We get her understanding of what has happened to her uncle she loves, who has turned up missing.

From the first four people, we discern that the uncle has been taken by the police, in plain clothes.

We discover she's being watched. We get a glimpse into the mindset of the rather crude muggers and the sort of boundaries they appreciate, mostly the worship of force, and to some degree, subterfuge.

After a mystery encounter reduces the number of muggers, the rest then meet with the local gendarmes. These police shake the muggers down for what they have, then take up the trail of the young woman...

...whose pathway is aided by an all-too-human guardian angel. An accident befalls said guardian, who recovers, but is now behind the chase.

I do have an ending in mind. I am going to save this last point for you in the rough draft.

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