Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talkin' Headmen Blues

Talkin’ Headsmen Blues (another song for the Roshomonics Cycle)

Beware that ol’ black rain
Injection cloud into the brain
Feel them thoughts of self-destruction
While we steal without obstruction
Try to stop me, I’ll open your head
Replace you with Chondu’s brain instead
And learn your friends inside and out
While you search for clues,
Under my machine
You got the Headmen Blues

My surgery can be precise
With gorilla hands I make my slice
Now come hear the plans
I’ve got the head of a man
Beside melted Jerry whose skull bones were shrank
Now meet Ruby Thursday, a computer bank
Was made indestructible head for her body
Her perfected sphere she will give every body
Stolen body say, what’s the reason for you?
To help rule the world with these Headmen Blues?

With a few adjustments to their minds
Any mass movement they’ll just despise
While we get all the cash, commodities
They won’t address over population ill at ease
Shrink them in our boxes, we’ll fit the world to our needs
Run for president, let’s bring the guillotine,
Bozos in their masks have declined, we must redeem
Bozo, Bozo, Bozo, Bozo, Bozo!
No one will mind, for they cannot refuse
When we rule the world with these Headsmen Blues!

Lue Lyron copyright 2011 Wingbat Tunes/ Integr8d Soul Productions.

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