Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Blue Oyster Cult Songs

Don't Fear the Reaper, and today May 2nd I found this great 1981 footage from the Hollywood Bowl, based on the number 12 Billboard chart Top 40 hit he wrote for the band on his four track demo, the band's biggest hit.

Flaming Telepaths (Lue) : My personal favorite groove off the greatest BOC album, Secret Treaties, released thirty-seven years ago this month.

That's two of my favorite songs, no doubt, by anybody. A list with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Neil Young, the Indigo Girls, Foo Fighters, and Prince, with something each year grabbing me and photographing the times around me, some couple or few hits minor or major to which I can't stop listening.

(I've also been into the Clash, Pearl Jam, the Who, Bob Marley, Velvet Underground, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Matthew Sweet, the Eagles, the Beach Boys, Tom Petty, U2, Zep, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg, Rush, Elvis Costello, Booker T. & the MG's, Charlie Parker, a bunch of half-remembered country my parents liked when I was little, Radiohead, the Police--- did I say Phil Collins? --- Fleetwood Mac & Elton John at different times in my life, and more, but these have created songs I consider faves. "Superstition" lands Stevie Wonder on there, too!)

I love the bands I've seen in person. My blog details my adventures with many of them, here in San Diego, where it's been all local artists for me. Unless you count the time I heard Jimmy Buffet out in the parking lot while doing Pedicab rides, in '06.

I am enjoying the indies passed along to me, but leave it to the history buff to find rock's most under rated band and discover, oily forehead and all, transformational adolescence, as my dreams start to come true one at a time.

This Ain't the Summer of Love (Live '76) Opening number off Agents of Fortune, which spawned their surprise smash hit song "Reaper."

Subhuman (Live)

This is from the very first live B.O.C. album---the lowest critically rated of their three, but their best charting record, at no. 27. I love this.

Here's a fun song, off Secret Treaties, the band's third record:

It's so lonely, honey, in the state of Maine...

O.D'd On Life Itself Second album BOC, Tyranny and Mutation, 1973. (Embedded over on today)

Veteran Of a Thousand Psychic Wars from Fire of Unknown Origin, their 1981 record, a song with words written by author Michael Moorcock. One of the truly great rock songs.

Burnin' For You Top 40 hit from the same record.

E.T.I. My friend Joe Day loves this one! Another track from Agents of Fortune.

Take Me Away My favorite late era B. O. C. yet.

Hey, you hear about that FBI memo about Roswell they released today?

Look it up.

Hot Rails to Hell An entry from Tyranny and Mutation, the 1973 sophomore record---the only one issued by "The Blue Oyster Cult".

Now this one, I loved from the title on. these words make some deeply strange stories! Love these guys. This is a Joe Bouchard written tune.

Astronomy (Metallica) Why not throw in a Metallica cover, to demonstrate how the greatest BOC songs are versatile, performed with distinction by bands since.

Dominance and Submission Radios Appear. What's happening, New Year's Eve, 1963? I smell a good science fiction story...just as I'm kicking room off the schedule for things I've waited to write...well, I'm not getting into it, but it involves a robot and time travel through the past fifty years or so, and a neutron bomb, I believe...

Fire of Unknown Origin

I Love the Night

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