Saturday, April 16, 2011

Watching the skies of Joe Bouchard

I feel lucky I found a band with such concentrated songwriting power; to me, Blue Oyster Cult is like a prototype of a band I'd like to be in, in that aspect. My own is called "Integr8d Soul" and all my projects have moments that remind me of specific people. Lately, I even have an exciting new collaborator...but you'll find out about Princess Jenn soon enough...

Anyway, just as I thought I might have to name a child of ours "Dharma" I inspected the BOC songbook, where I'd sought out Patti Smith's work. Note how the willingness to share songcraft with other talented people blossoms; you can hear the fruits of collaboration in what these people did. It's a very selfless approach.

In that spirit, let's just say the bassist (and Ithaca College alumnus) Joe Bouchard had a hand in some good Blue Oyster Cult songs. I found a list to start:

You aren't a BOC fan until you've listened to "Astronomy." I put up Metallica's cover on an earlier post. Albert arranged, Joe wrote, basically.

I haven't even heard every single early cut, but I'm trying to straddle a body of work with the help of about eighty songs I've researched, including some covers, getting to know the band. Still, I think this will endure as a favorite, and it's Joe Bouchard with Eric Bloom and Albert Bouchard writing. "I threw in a chord or two," Joe offered. But this other one is his all the way:

This one, I come to, seeking it out as Joe's work.

I really should include a track from the first live BOC album as it shows what a band working hard and touring everywhere they can will earn a crowd truly enthusiastic about the work, and "suddenly", a great live band is born (after years of playing, including about ten at this point for Eric Bloom).

See how much Joe loves referencing about the sky? Well, actually, wow, what strange things to say in a song...but they had me from the arcane title. I am imagine them surrounded by bikers, playing this in a smoky club in 1972.

That's already some kick ass rock. No wonder that first album's on the turnstile of at least one longtime fan (and journalist) I know. "It fits my style of music right now," he explained.

Man. I'm looking around these songs for great new listens, and finding them! So busy was I assembling this cue originally I couldn't give everything attention. But wow, this is such excellent work!

this, Joe wrote with the late Helen Wheels.

I know there's a later chapter to Joe's work, but here's a good start. I particularly love this last one, I must admit, it's really right there on the moment between the sixties and seventies. I find the ending a bit creepy. "Subhuman" plays next on my cue, but I'm going to think about these tunes and see if one might be attractive to cover soon. I am attracted to about seven songs already! it's like the days when I'd buy cassettes or cds with my work in a small apartment and driving when gas was cheap...listening to rock...dreaming...

So, here's a fist=pumper about driving even faster than I a b-movie drag race...

Well, got no car...but I have great music...and a terrific new business!
Joe was originally a guitarist before joining BOC as a bassist. Here's some 12 string solo Joe:

There's Joe on "Astronomy," making it all his own.

Finally, here's the brothers Bouchard, working with great Alice Cooper Band member Dennis Dunaway, in their new band, Blue Coupe!

So there, for now, is my Joe Bouchard tribute. Maybe I'll do Albert soon, too!

After this, I might share another of the collaborative efforts that are right at home here at Integr8d Fictions.

I put several hundred words into describing Not Another Comic Book with our new collaborator earlier this evening. It's basically a breakdown of the first two issues: I think we're shooting for a May release date!

Also, there's that way my imagination works to bring me things like the story I'm thinking of writing...I just wonder about what I don't know yet...but it's an appealing fantasy, even if it's still just speculative fiction.


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