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fighting back against the bullies

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I'm looking at my first designs for Sheer-Zan. The method of her intervention, and fighting tactics, is based on the system of resistance of choice in the Shogun Japan of the 15th century. Humble farmers and peasants who could not afford to own weapons nor pay the extensive taxes of the ruling class design had to make a choice, and they had to think. Hoes, brooms, needles, things never made with weapons in mind, and the body, were the only means of protection. Without expensive metal for weaponry, they resorted to improvised weaponry and physical resistance that played upon situations in which they found themselves bullied.

I guess anyone who's ever fantasized about fighting back for themselves had to either accept what they did not yet know about overcoming a larger opponent, or come to terms with their own commitment not to commit violence. The last choice is to fight back. The impossible becomes possible, when reduced to the proper series of steps. Most so, any method of self-defense should be active first in the mind, in one's bearing, in one's ability to speak or otherwise communicate.

Only when these efforts, to a discerning person, are apparently lost does one consider that first, it is best to run. When you do not need to run, you will not. But one must never fool one's self into believing "I am master of this situation" in ways solely gratifying to the ego. Only within ourselves are we master or not.

Still, it is important that one does not feel so terrorized in one's daily life. This interferes with time that belongs to feelings of love, appreciation, and creativity, which is the inspiration of energetic purpose. So, to remove such fear begins with mastery of the self.

Whatever your method for this, whatever higher power you serve with your life, do not be afraid of how short is the time in this life.

Women have sought out similar training to those homestead warriors, through numerous programs intended to teach one how to be free in physically menacing situations. The Bujinkan Budo senseis in America, as well as abroad, often offer self-defense classes for women, and there are others besides. If you are of my sisters, I encourage you, however gentle a soul you may be, understand what you can do for yourself. You smaller, more physically awkward boys should take a lesson or two, as well. In fact, the healthiest among you would find such training a challenge and a great learning experience.
Truly, there’s a lifetime of learning in martial arts, as with any discipline.

Understanding is key

Understanding the psychology of an individual in some way comes with empathy. In confronting baser instincts in individuals, a careful dissection might remove you from harm's way. It is possible, whoever you are, to live free of victimhood. The unfairness of your situation may become reduced in the light of what you really have going for you; a bit of perspective wards off an apathetic acceptance of self-pity, which is the type of emotion that infuriates and attracts others eager for validation.

Physical self defense, however, is not the only measure necessary for one to live against repression. I plan to explore this fascinating subject over time. The need for a community to act together is the first theme I support. The decisions of perhaps three people will take the bulk of Sheer-Zan: One in this first outing, but ultimately, because the threat is to a way of life, a way of life must emerge that sheds light on the fear and keeps people thinking with realistic awareness. What is consequential to one's self determines that quality of life.

So, how might a peaceful people endure savage authoritarianism? What qualities present themselves, when one examines one's government? A broader understanding of how one's society works must be lit with a certain kind of heart. Only in discernment can one find the proper course of action. Discernment evaluates all known factors, conscious decisions calmly made in the face of problems that simply require active study and discussion from a wider group of people. They may believe themselves at odds over differences, but on this planet, as any other, there is a swath of common ground that presses those irreconcilable differences further apart, until they lose coherence, though they yet remain on the surface.

The ideas have now taken a further definition. Soon, I will find a believable way to place them in play, but subservient to strong characterization. Every detail should serve to identify the world and characters. There is still some mystery to me, as though I am recalling a dream some three or four minutes on from waking. In a way, these items of our discussion thus far are the intended results.

I should not expect it to go well or ill, really, but it seems certain, even if it's changed four times, Sheer-Zan: One will be created by me. I will continue this transparent process, and we will arrive at a final draft of this story, and enjoy reading it together immensely.

Dream it with me. What are the problems here in America, or wherever you are in the world, that are truly man-made failures of communication? Where do we turn when we want a wise opinion of reality? What is the truth about what we want, and how can we live with that truth in less insanely destructive ways? Is it really too late in life not to say: one person can make a difference?

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