Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jinzouningen Kikensei? (Danger Bot ?)

Story begins here! Happy Earth Day!

The hour in Nippon was dire indeed.
The clock’s digital face tells Kumiko Sakura it’s 10:44 pm, which is fifteen minutes ahead of time. She awaits clearance to join with the Hogosha, the metallic seventeen foot, joined from symbols in a form not unlike humanoid, for its bipedal symmetry. When the word comes, not a second can be wasted. Kumiko will stand here however long it takes, now. Nowhere else on Earth exists for her right now, save this unlit silo. The black telescope across the room catches a twinkle of moonlight through the opened dome.
Sakura’s name for the guardian
Clearance debates, politics
Meanwhile, the horror at Fukushima
Hajime (Begin)
Wheels, supplemented by antigravity tremendous battery; Sakura knows every circuit, chip and articulation. She surveys the horror of the tsunami devastated landscape. She swears to honor their spirits with bravery.
At last, Jounzingen Kikensei---her personal name for the droid body arrives in the middle of the night at the jeopardized power plant.

Next, I absorb this information into the narrative:
can't wait to read more, right? ;-D

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