Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mind-a-Rama with Steve Gerber: Defenders #35

Busy saving the world from itself, Nebulon leaves before the rather hot-revved Ruby can get her flirt on. Soon Chondu awakens in his horrible new body, but Ruby points out they can implant the imprint of his mind with her perfect machine heads.

When Chondu snatches a construction worker, he only wants him for his body. Well, that wasn't a first in mid-70's NYC. Jack offers an arm to cushion weary Valkyrie's head from the wall, and she goes for it. Too bad Chondu has to show up and put up a real fight! Aragorn often gets the worst of these things; the winged steed's stranded on the rooftop, injured, as Chondu's new form proves exhilirating for standing up to Val. They smash into a sky top restaurant, an intense combat that ends with scalded, bruised and slashed Valkyrie walking away from freshly crushed Chondu. The police are having NONE of that.

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