Thursday, December 30, 2010

Defenders/ TRANZ #3 A momentary lapse of Nighthawk (complete)

Break through: a moment in time must be seized. Holt gazes down upon the face of the warrior women who saved him---who he’s seen fighting for the world in shadows somewhere free of the fallen world.

HOLT I guess I understand this as much as I ever will.

BLANCLEY: You know...if everyone were ready to perceive one another’s inner lives...

HOLT: Yep. That’s exactly why there’s privacy: ‘cause we ain’t there. But it’s true we are what we are.
Maybe they’re meant to be cosmically aware, but they just don’t---or refuse to believe they can—they don’t do it on Earth. We just lose the ability to be face to face more each day. The rough going is the anger and anxiety mixed into the sharing...and people miserably just long to leave this planet.

BLANCLEY: And if it weren’t for our imaginations--! We could never bear to be trapped in this life together, when our spirits say we should live free.

HOLT: Because maybe love is all you need..but we’re stuck with so much more...that makes us so much less.

Holt gets up from the still body of the Valkyrie. Blancley’s stepped off into the bushes a moment himself. He looks up at the tree next to him, and then, his shared vision both ends and culminates, with the mental plane free of the fallen earth abandoned---for the immediate action in this world!
The Flames of Faltine erupt from the chamber containing the Slay Box, and on their trail emerge the physical elements---the bodies---of Sharptooth, Corpse Flower, and the Defenders. The three Dragon’s Line hold hands tight around the Box, heavy arms that forge a soul magic bond, an immortal portal. This configuration prepares to travel through time; yet from above and below, the ectoplasmic pull of Remus and the levitating Corpse Flower hold them in stasis.

BLANCLEY: Do we both see the flying horse?

HOLT: WHO can tell anymore?

BLANCLEY: Look, she’s waking up...

HOLT: Just in case that pegasus is really diving towards us..

BLANCLEY: Yes. We should move!

HOLT'S thoughts: Valkyrie springs up to her feet without using her hands. She looks ME in the eye. “Thanks,” she says, as the horse nestles beside her, barely stopping in any way; he lifts her high above, reins pulled tight, as fire erupts from the cavern, followed by belching smoke. The horse darts straight into the chaos.

Hulk and Nighthawk soar out of the top of the cavern; Kyle looks around for his fellow Defenders as he attempts to gain altitude. From the edge of the cave where sits the super comoputer, Hellcat leaps out boldly ahead of a fireball of scorching heat and death!

Before Hellcat drops to her doom, soaring Aragorn sweeps in, to impart the impact of her fall as his rider, the Valkyrie, catches her friend in her arms. With Patsy quickly sorted behind her, Val races with alongside her fellow Defenders, glancing back to see Machine Man.

MACHINE MAN: I do not favor being discovered as ill-used scrap! My occasionally humble personality is all that gives these circuits and motors meaning! So don’t let me down, anti-gravity unit: cancel my subscription to the ground! Hmm, I almost made poetry---or doggerel! I seem to be discovering my own creativity even as an implosion’s calling my body back into the cataclysm! Please, telescoping arms, don’t fail me---this is really full of suck!!

HULK: rArrgh! Hulk must DO something! Hulk knows too much---feels too much!

NIGHTHAWK: I’m with you, Greenskin; this could be an unimaginable torment.

HULK: They can’t handle each other’s inner lives being shoved into each other’s inner lives!

NIGHTHAWK: Guys, I don’t think it was meant to be like this, but I don’t think it has to get worse before it tears sanity completely to tatters. It’s way ahead of the evolutionary curve or something!

HELLCAT: It might be the bus to where we’re going, but maybe it’s here so far ahead of schedule, most of humankind’s missing it!

MACHINE MAN: Or possibly, sleeping in!

VALKYRIE: There’s so much fear in humanity, this massive empathy’s proven overwhelming. I wish to reach out to it, with my own own identity.

HELLCAT: Maybe these people who’ve disappeared did so through some kind of cosmic release valve, LIKE they were scared right off the face of the Earth! The imagination’s there to allow us to be---well, anywhere we choose to be, mentally! Too many hang on to and mistake these things for their identity---and that anxiety over all which you have no control is sky rocketing!

VALKYRIE: Our compassion is our only means of strength. This may be our final test.

NIGHTHAWK: With nature’s laws showing such reckless nature, I can’t stop to ponder the hopelessness. The effect of our feelings upon our destinies at this point is all I have faith in.

Patsy (Hellcat): Chalk it up to my psychic sensitivities, but who realizes the key to stopping the Tranz-Rupture effects within the minds of humanity lies with Nighthawk---
VALKYRIE: who has once had the awareness of his brain being separated from his form.

NIGHTHAWK: There’s a place in ourselves where we are as truly alone as possible, and sometimes it seems like I’ve lived most of my life at that address! But underneath the heartbreak hotel, fundamentally beneath our brain and its business, down below where we start and live each day, we exist---and no one knows it better! Those twisted Headmen took my brain from my head and suspended it in reserve---but they gave me a gift of being alone with my thoughts!
The first time I remember realizing why my possessions and undeserved privileges really didn’t define me...was when I became conscious without my body!

HELLCAT: Right now, Kyle, there will be peace on Earth a moment...if we can just share that detachment with the flow of memes.

HULK: Hulk wants Bird Nose to make the minds shut up a minute!

NIGHTHAWK: I’m willing, big guy...what do I do?

MACHINE MAN: I may have a couple of tricks up my sleeve! Believe me, there’s a way to transfer a mass the size of an angry alien robot outside the solar system; a fine tuned version of the dimensional transfer effect might convey that most gossamer of burdens---a single thought!

VALKYRIE: We all share your sensations, Nighthawk---the freedom from your body, the existence we all have beneath the busy days...

MACHINE MAN: Watch the hypnotic effect in my optic sensors; let the shifting patterns relieve you of conscious thought, and you’ll dive right into your subconscious and contact your intent!

HULK: Expand...GROW, friend, grow NOW!
Doctor Strange: By the Eye of the Vishanti, Clea, let’s work together to amplify the link; his disembodied state, from his memories, is transferred through the Tranz-Rupture connection between all minds.

CLEA: Then---now it is THEY who make---the decision!

With that moment of silence, free of the illusion of existence, the peace everyone feels allows the stillness to take hold. The forces throwing together the psyches of humanity cease their torrential, invading nature, and individuality is restored. Yet all the energies unleashed remain at play---and on the loose is the wolf at bay!

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