Saturday, December 4, 2010

Countdown to new fiction Machine Man 15

Basically a hard-working lady scientist devoted to alternative fuel. She can produce an "electro-magnetically charged gas---but I can neither confine nor contain it!" One power overload later, Dr. Violetta Todd transforms herself accidentally into a gaseous creature dubbed Ion. Machine Man's sent, as Aaron Stack, to investigate. His fight with her leads to his compassionate take and also, damage to his legs. (His repairs are an ongoing shtick in this series.) He's found by Gears Garvin, who enacts repairs and then mounts him atop a wheel, like a unicycle. Meanwhile Ion goes to the Fantastic Four for help. Only Ben and Johnny are home.

The battle and wisecracks ensue. Machine Man finally uses his refrigeration unit to cool down the gaseous Ion and solidify her once more as a person. His battle with her has left him thoughtful.

Everything from the splash onwards deliberately plays up the Silver Age of Marvel, which has a sensible aesthetic as a mode for DeFalco and Ditko. If you read this, be ready for that.

Steve's version of Blue Eyes doesn't send me, though.

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