Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DEFENDERS / TRANZ #3: Five Dragons to End the Earth (12 Days of Defenders)

to End the Earth!

I try not to get too distracted by the Dog person I’m distracting. I notice this amazing box, but all my attention goes to...Remus Sharptooth. I feel you at the borders of my mind.

So let’s be friends, huh? I’m Hellcat! I bet there’s handsome fellow under all that fuzz!

REMUS: I DO have a handsome fellow inside!! Snarl!! Why do you taunt me, Woman Cat? What is your purpose here?”

HELLCAT: His mixed essential nature becomes an apparent truth.

Have I struck a nerve? He’s both flattered and...defensive...what is going ON here? It’s like two minds... or even make that three or four at play; we’re not alone! There’s one I see above, and some other around me---!

REMUS: A nerve, a body, a sliver, a cell!
You don’t know what it’s like : plucked out of one history, one continuity, one set of stories, and put together in some new, melded form for the sake of unseen players?

HELLCAT: You might be surprised what i know about that! Wolfie, I have to be frank, I get no sense you as either inherently good or evil...is this thing happening with everyone’s opening inner lives permanent? What’s going on? Maybe if we could just understand what you are doing here...you can feel some people are afraid, and I picture some disappearing, stressed out---how can all those folks be spared the fright of their lives? Are the people vanishing able to come back by their own will?

REMUS: You sense it, do you not? Yes, particularly with the gifts I sense within you...you are the first living human I’ve yet encountered here. I do not seek to persuade nor offend you.

HELLCAT: Could I help you figure out why you seem so uncomfortable?

REMUS: i KNOW not your role, nor bare enough, mine. Two voices in me, divided serving my master---
Sulinar Vix! Let the crystal power flow, as now all dragons arise. Let all become so wide minded as they, Returned One! Almighty Zavox, power of the empirical world, let rupture forth your change across the hastened reality of this planet!

HELLCAT: So bright! Vibrations...hurt! Drop...the Shatner, Patsy girl...it’s no worse than that headache I channeled from Dude in the Sandcastle* ---it’s like agony with his spell.

He senses me opening up, reaching out to understand with an ESP probe, Remus turns it around and responds with an effusive---overload.

REMUS: All but too much! Perceptions with accurate interactions as they occur throughout the effected space/ time of Transmetamorphosis, including the minds of ever more humans.

HELLCAT: The natural turning of the world towards this ultimate change begins to APPEAL to me

But ---is it just the mystery, the amount of sheer unknown that's taking form? I see minds piled in minds...barriers beyond this life, opening to perception.

caption: Such a world, however, cannot be held hostage by terror.


Now she sees the image of sulinar vix, as he feeds the M’Krann powers to me. He drifts above, equipped in armor forged from a world I've yet to see...

SULINAR VIX: (above great dissonance and wind): The purpose of your incarnation here is at hand, Remus Sharptooth. Open this world by your imagination...use these energies to unwrap the form of the Slay Box/ Slave Box to trigger the Five Dragons to End the Earth!

Where did that gigantic black she-wolf come from? It’s ---She’s on the scent of my metallic playpal; could being a machine camouflage him? Cat Claw cable---and put your best foot forward, ol' girl---**whoa!

Congrats, Happy Go Lucky Girl---you're bait now...
try not to end up wolf chow!

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