Monday, December 27, 2010

DEFENDERS/ TRANZ #3: By Force and by Fang! 12 Days of Defenders, pt.10


Having travelled from the refugee camp with Bali, who he met at the Castles Made of Sand Bar, Hillie shuts off his camera to conserve battery power. They know there is no sanction for them to wander this close....but what does any of that matter? Everyone can see the super beings in the center of our attentions, battling on some comfortless plane, and we look right into the thoughts of those around us and transparently watch each thought arrive and pass, what is fantasy and what is perception changes like the wind, and everything’s up to eleven, pushed out of bounds, and the moments are not measurable. The long drive of existence on Earth; the ball that swirls with the strange super beings in a nebulous void within all who observe, one mind space unites the highly distracted and distressed.
He watches the mountain side, as rain begins to descend and relieve the scarring of the wilderness blaze. Spout of water from the Submariner? Water now seeks to come to the mountain, and its source seems everywhere at once.
If The Wolf cannot defeat the Valkyrie in time to re-unify his self and complete the spell, how will existence continue its moves forward? Already, the summoned “cosmic-blink” M’Krann energies destabilize. An erasure of Earth would be possible...if its Sorcerer Supreme were not carefully coordinating with Madame Blavatsky and Clea, absolutely handling with care all that Earth has been to now, so no more of it need be lost than necessary. There may be a need to press a button and feel things are “normal.” It may be necessary to start again. It may contain thoughts born in the very beginning of the universe.

Physically, Remus seeks to grow, intangibly, and contain all the Defenders within himself, before materializing more large, more grand, more unstoppable than ever. With the Five Dragons, he says, I will end this Earth.
Those mulling over this apocalypse watch Prince Nicola and the Marc Kane battle in darkness lit only by the red of Sharptooth’s eyes, alongside Captain Awen. Their resistance, with Corpse Flower and the energy programs sent by Sulinar Vix, will wear down in almost no time.

But Machine Man’s dimensional effect transferred arm telescopes to the chamber of the Slay/ Slave Box. The Box: permission to proceed with the greatest agenda, in collusion with the Earth itself. Permission: Denied!
Now, suddenly, the only reality that the fast approaching present in reality.
Remus Sharptooth attempts to flee again to the material world; his appearance there precedes a massive explosion of his devices, for the Incredible Hulk finally has something to smash!
The Defenders quickly follow him, as the spell-place fades and they return to the world upon a violent wave of expulsion. Nighthawk, and after his fashion, the Hulk, fly out as well It’s truly a daredevil leap for broke---Hillie’s afraid he is filming the demise of an all-too-vulnerable human being...when, poised atop Aragorn, Valkyrie glides under her, and of the flying steed’s power they advance to the margins of a shockwave of surrounding, implosional force.
Only the will of horse and rider hold the escape together.
Determined not to be blown into indiscriminate parts and left for scrap, Machine Man accesses his anti-grav units just in time to vacate the shattering mountain top. He ponders how, while he doesn’t have a childhood like the other minds with whom he’s shared this peril, this time, now, is like childhood to one who might years without mortal limit.
But---how will this Tranz-Rupture end? Follow the Wolf’s Flight!

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