Thursday, December 16, 2010

DEFENDERS/ TRANZ #3: it's really Namor, saving the whales 3 of 12 Days of Defenders

Day 3 of 12: Prince Namor, the Submariner

A whale watching boat full of passengers passes a submarine, surprisingly close to the surface in San Diego Bay. We over hear them randomly:

The news feed just mentioned a wilderness fire, but it’s somewhere north of here.
The whole loo shook, pitched right off the bowl! Expected as much: I come on deck, the weather’s become very violent.
I would separate your attraction from people from your decision to talk to anyone, especially when you have designs on what that person should be to you...
It did happen unexpectedly, but they expect to dock in time
We’re only some three miles out on the pennisula.
Tell me the one in the pink windbreaker’s not underaged!
I mean, separate your attraction from your reaction. Also, you don’t want to make the mistake of just talking to a girl because she’s pretty.
At least we got to see loads of whales!
That was Taft.
That volunteer? Nah, she’s an undergrad, from what I---
Bad news for the whales, though---isn’t that one caught on the beach over there?
Your carnal impulses might separate you from a good friendship...
Got a picture of one’s tail over starboard! That’s seven for me!
Wish I had the patience to try that approach; you’re probably ri—whoa!
Are those dolphins?
I think that whale’s really stuck!
It’s this storm. I’ve never seen anything like –
I think it’s just frustration, over time, that our efforts to help her...cure herself of her bad habits don’t seem to have worked. Yet she knows by now I won’t gi-- Damn, did you feel us drop into that trough?!?
These are shallow waters, already. The stuck one looks pregnant!
Okay, now, I see a man flying through the sky. Just so we’re all clear on that.
Look! Over this side! These waves are coming out of nowhere; they must be fifteen feet!
Drowning was not my first beach birthday option, frankly!
That’s the feckin’ Submariner. Sod me, he’s real!!! Hahaha!

The Savage Submariner, Prince Namor, busies himself rescuing breeding whales trapped in the shallow waters beside Baja California, as the earth ruptures. As he tenderly raises the bedraggled behemoth from the rocky shoals, he perceives the mystical joining of twin eternal flames, and their entry into a great mouth of darkness.
Drawing closer to the shore exposes him to the waves of emotions of those below; he strives to separate his thoughts from theirs.

NAMOR: By the Seven Seas, it is good the Avenging Son chose today to watch over the breeding whales; I have never witnessed such a tempest on the Pacific Coast!
There is something more here, amiss. My perceptions give me no recourse however. This very unease I feel closer to civilization might be my impetus---might goad the monarch of Atlantis to discover what secret imparts these dangers and mysteries.
What I do know is these beasts need the strong arm of Namor the First! Even with my great strength, this takes gentle care---and leverage!

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