Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Defenders/ TRANZ: 12 Days, part six, w/ guest Machine Man

MACHINE MAN: I think of what these explosions must sound like to regular guys like those soldiers I bumped into in the woods, before finding that weird hutch.
I wonder what their world will be like, as the colossal disturbances of these superbeings fill the air with the promise of forces beyond their control?

What clue will reflect this mission: the human adventurer Hellcat, and the cybernetic Machine Man, confronting the living conduit of enormous trigger energies: what this supercomputer identifies as Sharptooth, guarded by his partner the she wolf Corpse Flower, beside the extraordinary devices used to focus the M’Krann energies.

Extraordinary: the after effects of an event beyond even my ability to see, to the Milky Way’s edge!

And what of the origin of this source, tapped by Sharptooth; these machines, I’d estimate, reflect the engineering genius at least 5,000 very optimistic years of human existence. Is that where Sharptooth and company came from? Somehow, it seems the source of this machinery holds the strings back to the puppeteer of this whole she-bang!

Nice work, really---
to multitask communication with the machine, while battling the giant she wolf. Good luck!
(still HELLCAT): I'm momentarily safe, but it falls to me: disrupt Remus Sharptooth now! If I dive for him, engage him in the physical plane...

Now he breaks out the blue flash balls to ward me off! What's with this ripple above the box? Another plane?

Soon Hellcat finds herself floating in darkness.

HELLCAT: I'm being drawn into the same mentally-accessed plane where Val is flying!
Cheese 'n' crackers!

Patsy wills a bottom to meet her boots and allow her to walk, and now she discovers Sulinar Vix has erected a translucent shield. Where from comes this light? She lifts her head to see Valkyrie astride Aragorn, with her blade Dragonfang possessed of a transfixing light. Now she sees Remus again, as a giant head, a cavernous maw of doom. The Flames of Faltine light the way for astral Clea (through the Orb of Agamotto’s reach), Valkyrie, and the two Viking ghosts who comprise the blade’s flame; the team must fly onward, nonetheless.

On a fantastic plane of the mind and soul, Sharptooth’s head devours Earth’s Mightiest Defenders!

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