Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tranz/ Defenders #3: Part 7, the Hulk (12 Days of Defenders)

(Day 7): As the Valkyrie, atop her winged steed Aragorn, flies into the jaws of dread, the Flames of Faltine light the presence of two time lost Vikings connected to the great change---and fly they must. Only inside the jaws of utter destruction can they find their way to the mystery of this conjurer...only so may they reach the humanity captured within!
Before the eyes of those assembled to fire fight, Nighthawk and the Hulk begin to disappear in the physical sense...yet the darkness into which they reappear is present before everyone! They watch this central event, as thought forms of all the Defenders surround the Sharptooth sorcerer.
From the shadowy reaches of the violet arena of space surrounding Sharptooth, three mysterious forms of indigo observe a towering man-form, crackling with power, robed with sharp, probing angles that reach like a castle of doom from his shoulders and head.
Before him appears a blond, beautiful enchantress dressed in emerald and black, leering. “Even should these meddlesome Defenders discover the double nature of your pawn---pawn, or prince of the world to come---as an immortal of Asgard, I shall live on, either way! “
HULK: Hulk saw wolf head swallow up Sword Girl! Now Hulk must get revenge.
Hulk a castaway. Hulk always the same, though: Hulk stands up for Hulk’s friends, for they are all Hulk has, and they, too, get lost as days go by. But Hulk never gives up! Never!! Rrargh, Hulk, SMASH!!!

NIGHTHAWK: Only Hulk can keep me together!
SULINAR VIX (turned towards the approaching Valkyrie; he has not acknowledged the Hulk or Nighthawk):
Behold, they advance now from the abyss. You, who bound the warrior to the wolf sorcerer--- what payment do you extract?

“Come what may,” the enchantress replies, “I will take my rewards where I find them. I cast this spell upon her, who is also two people in one; the warrior maiden, the woman beneath. Even as the valkyior come in time to become goddesses of the Norn, so shall I place within her astral aura my spell, to call her to join, bound within the Norn stones...and when they again become mine...but hark now, ‘tis done! Amora takes her leave, Sulinar Vix of Kolpar!”
With a lift of his chin, he regards her. “May you scheme in interesting times!”
With a humorless laugh, at the nimbus of a spell, she vanishes.
Hulk still strains against the barrier; “must stop villains’ plans! Play with Hulk and Hulk’s friends, while they mess up the world!”
The three indigo forms consult with one another telepathically, grateful to have thus escaped notice. They see Sulinar Vix cast a light over the Machine Man, probing him as the heroes advance from the nothingness. Then he turns to an approaching form, a tall, ebony young man, who seems to espy them, by his eyes; to Sulinar Vix, his face reveals nothing. “So now,” he speaks, “upon my birthday visit to this world, I await the completion of the spell of the wolf...”
“Hail to Sennil, Dark Poet,” says Sulinar Vix. “ No doubt, you await also the return of what is taken from Semeicardia.”
“Your fellow Sinister has engineered cells swiped there, to become henchmen to your pawn of pawns. His fate also belongs to Semeicardia.”
“These are the last moments of the Spell of the Wolf,” says Sulinar Vix. “I bid you observe the resolution of this gambit, Dark Poet, and we shall see if the nature of the world yet shall be formed by the Tranz-Rupture.”
Obscured, the sibling trio observe the dark Poet dissolve into the indigo light as he walks on, while the wolf sorcerer conjures fierce lights, bolts of power escaping his claws.

The Hulk shreds the way into the force field; his charge, unstoppably close.
Vix, with a pass, restores his four-armed henchmen and she-wolf by his side, as the Defenders attack before the towering form of the Fire Dragon. And in a voice of great volume and pain, Sulinar Vix speaks

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