Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Part 8: The Dragon's Line and the Defenders

Day 8 With the souls of Prince Nicola Dragonvayne and the Marc Kane aligned within Dragonfang, Valkyrie surprises the sorcerer with a strike of that sword, flowing with the Flames of Faltine. Cleaving his form, now from it springs Remus Sharptooth, grappling viciously with Valkyrie. A cavern appears; the spirits of Nicola and Marc Kane enter. Inside is the other half of Sharptooth’s form, the essence of the sorcerer is revealed: her lost brother, Ray, taken by the enchantress’ spell between his vanishing at the Break through and Valhalla.
The Box they had guarded together is conjured from outside time and space to reappear here and focus the energies of the Tranz-Rupture. They, its final guardians, the last defenders of humanity, have come to this place and time to prevent it once more from being misused: then, as a weapon of war, and now, as an agent to shape all of human consciousness and the earth itself. Their misunderstanding is shelved for another time; they three conclude some manipulation at work, the night before they carried Slay Box to its volcanic ensconcement. As they join in a circle of hand to bond their energies, a word seems to emerge from the triplet indigo forms: "Mother?" Swirling, they vanish into destiny, beyond time and space. (Day 8) Medium-Hard

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